Beta for Who's Talking has started!

We're proud to announce that open beta for Who's Talking 2.0 has finally kicked off!

All important information can be found on the beta page. To thank you for your help we also offer some prizes you can win by participating in the beta, so don't miss out on it!

Our Projects

Hi there! On this site you'll find some of our projects revolving around Guild Wars 2 and Overwolf.

Who's Talking

This tool for Guild Wars 2 and TeamSpeak allows users to see each other's positions directly rendered into the game. This helps keeping track of your friends in crowded situations, or simply if you have a hard time matching the voices on TeamSpeak with the characters on screen. There already is a version of Who's Talking available for download and we're currently having an open beta running for version 2.0. Find out all about it here.


Markers is our primary and big project. A prototype of what's to come was already available for some time, but we had to temporarily pull it from Overwolf's app store because of compatibility issues that arose.

This tool will allow players in Guild Wars 2 to mark arbitrary spots in the game world, attach information to them and even interact with these markers. This way, our users will be able to create everything from useful guides all the way to actually playable content inside Guild Wars 2. You can find our plans for Markers here.

SweetFX Preset Selector

This little tool was created in cooperation with Overwolf. It allows users to add the famous ReShade suit to pretty much any game, to improve and customize their graphics. Details can be found on the project page.