Welcome, Beta Testers!

Thank you that you're interested in participating in the beta for Who's Talking 2.0. This page should contain all information you need.

What's the goal of the Beta?

Who's Talking has grown into a a big, complex project. We're doing our best to test it thoroughly but there's a limit to what we can do with two developers. On the other hand, we don't want to throw a software with potential big flaws out there. That's why we're having a dedicated beta phase for this big release.

In addition to that, this beta phase is a great chance to bring in general suggestions and feedback. For the upcoming release, we're pretty much "feature complete", but that shouldn't stop you from suggesting improvements and features you'd like to see in the future.

Getting and installing the Beta

Who's Talking runs on Overwolf. Overwolf can be downloaded here.

Because Who's Talking 2.0 is not publicly released on Overwolf yet, you have to install it manually. You can get the current version here.

To install the .opk file, you have to add it through Overwolf's development options, as shown below.

If you have any version of Who's Talking already installed, please make sure to remove it before installing the beta.

Sending Feedback and Reports

Of course the main purpose of a beta is to gather information how the application can be improved, so we're looking forward to your feedback about any issues you run into. Please send all your reports to


and include a detailed description of your issue. It also helps us if you attach log files to your mail.

How to send logs

Who's Talking automatically generates logs that can help us track down bugs. If you run into any issues then these logs (along a detailed description of the issue) are a valuable source of information. To view the log folder, paste the following line into the windows explorer address bar:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Overwolf\Log\Apps\Who's Talking_ for Guild Wars 2

Every run of Who's Talking can produce multiple log files, so check the creation dates of the files to determine which files are relevant. Please create a .zip file and send the logs to wtbeta[at]smartech.info. It can also help us if you can include the (exact) local time when the problem appeared into your description of the issue, so we know where we have to check.

To increase performance, only a very small part of all messages is saved by default. When you report an issue and we come back to you to narrow it further down, we'll probably ask you to enable detailed logging, which you can find in the advanced settings.

It is very important that before you enable detailed logging, you apply a logging filter. Otherwise it's likely that the logging will heavily slow down your computer and freeze Who's Talking. Which filter that would be exactly is something we'll tell you depending on your issue.

Rewards for participating

To thank you for participating in our beta, we're raffling off three BLTC weapon skins. Each winner receives either a weapon from the Improvised, Gallant or Dwayna's weapon set and can pick whatever weapon they like from that weapon set.

On top of that, we plan to send a little thank you to all participants, but we'll have to see if that's actually feasible.

To qualify for the raffle, just include your gw2 account name in one of your feedback mails. If you don't run into any issues you can report on, just send a screenshot of you using Who's Talking, so we know you actually participated in the beta.